Chinese Herbs


It is well known that Traditional Chinese Medicine has over 3000 years history and Chinese herb medicine is one of most important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine which also includes acupuncture. In China, there are over 3000 different herbs that can be used for medical purposes. However, about 300 to 500 of these herbs are commonly used. It is important to use herbs grown in China rather than outside of their native environment. One must use the right herb from the right source to get the full benefit. In general, herbs can treat a wide variety of diseases and conditions. Comparing with chemical medicine, Chinese herbal medicine is much more gentler and safer because it is made of natural herbs. Most of Chinese herbs do not cause side effects. Even some side effects that do occur among a few herbs, those side effects can be easily counteracted with other herbs. For these reasons, people turn to herbal therapy for a number of indications. More and more people rely on Chinese herb medicine as alternative after chemical medicine failed. Chronic illness treatment - Many people with chronic illness may take a number of different conventional drugs daily. Chinese herb medicine is a very good alternative for those who are looking for a natural alternative for the conventional western medicine.

There are many very efficient Chinese herbal patent medicines and prescribed herb formulas for the medications taken for pain syndromes, gastrointestinal disorders, neurological disorders, stress related syndromes, respiratory disorders, heart problems, sexual dysfunction, allergies and immune system deficiencies, as well as replacements for antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Side effect reduction - Chinese herbs are safer and less side-effects. Actually they can be taken to reduce the side effects of other medication such as antibiotics, chemotherapy, etc. It is well known that antibiotics weaken the immune system. Herbal therapy can strengthen the system. Also, during chemotherapy, the white blood cell count drops, which causes fatigue, lack of energy and appetite. Herbal therapy has proven quite successful in relieving the side effects of chemotherapy. For prevention - People may take Chinese herb medicine for disease prevention. For instance, for a person suffering from frequent headaches, taking herbs to prevent the headache from ever starting is a much better option than taking a pain reliever after the fact. Herbs are also used to prevent the flu, menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome, among other things. For health maintenance- Herbal therapy can also be used for general health maintenance. Tonic herbs are used to increase energy and to slow the aging process.

They are also used for enhancing sexual energy and for cosmetic purposes. Herbs arc also used to treat minor symptoms that are not severe enough for heavy chemical drugs, symptoms that cannot be diagnosed by Western medicine, and symptoms and illness that are not easy to treat, such as mononucleosis and immune system deficiencies. Chinese Raw Herbs Typically, one batch of medicinal is prepared as a decoction, which includes one or two main ingredients that target the illness. Then other ingredients are added to adjust the formula to the patient's individual disease pattern. Ingredients are also added in order to cancel out toxicity or side-effects of the main ingredients; on top of that, some medicinal require the use of other substances as catalysts. Overall, the balance and interaction of all the ingredients are considered more important than the effect of a single ingredients.

How to cook the raw herbs

The best container is ceramic. Glass is okay; Stainless steel is better than the other metals. Put herbs in pot; add 1 liter of the water covering the herbs. Let them sit for 30 minutes without turning on the heat beneath the tea pot. (soak the herbs )Bring water to a rolling boil. Then, turn down the fire to a low simmer. Cook herbs for 20 minutes. Strain the tea, (about 1 cups of tea left). Repeat 2,3 Put 2 cups together. Drink 1 cup twice a day. It is best to take the herbal tea in warm in the morning before eating, or if the stomach is upset after drinking, the tea can be taken 1-2 hours after meal.

Chinese Herbal granules

This is a modern formulation that is based upon the decoction and syrup. They are made by decocting the ingredients until a thick, concentrated semi-liquid remains. Then a stabilizer (usually starch, the ground up dregs of the decoction) is added and thoroughly mixed with the concentrate. The resulting mixture is made into granules or powder by sifting through a series of sieves, or rolled like pasta dough through a series of rollers, after which is cut up or crashed. The powder or granules are then dried. If properly packaged and stored, granules can retain their potency for long period of time. The granules are concentrated with 5:1 and 10:1 as most suitable and practical ratio. They are more quickly absorbed and stronger-acting than the most pills and tablets, and are more convenient and require less medicine per volume than decoctions or syrup. Usually we prescribe 10-15 herbs in each prescription that will come out 6 - 8g granules in total for one day use, thus the treatment will be 3 - 4 spoons twice a day (A small plastic spoon attached). Put the right amount of granules into a cup, add 80 ml (1/3 cup) boiling water, stirring well until the granules dissolved in the water, drink all after it cools down, and then rising mouth with plenty water.

Chinese Herbal Pills and Tablets

Chinese patent medicine are standardized herbal formulas. From ancient times, pills were formed by combining several herbs and other ingredients, which were dried and ground into a powder. They were then mixed with a binder and formed into pills by hand. The binder was traditionally honey. Modern tea pills however, are extracted in stainless steel extractors to create either a water decoction or water-alcohol decoction, depending on the herbs used. They are extracted at a low temperature to preserve essential ingredients. The extracted liquid is then further condensed and some raw herb powder from one of the herbal ingredients is mixed in to form an herbal dough. This dough is then machine cut into tiny pieces, a small amount of excipients are added for a smooth and consistent exterior, and they are spun into pills. Herbal pills are characteristically little round black pills. Chinese patent medicines are easy and convenient. They are not easy to customize on a patient-by-patient basis, however. They are often used when a patient's condition is not severe and the medicine can be taken as a long-term treatment. In general, pills and tablets are more easily stored and ingested than decoction, are less expensive. They are more commonly to use in our modern world for quick taking and convenience. The pills and tablets are made in very good quality controlled pharmaceutical factories in China.

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