Step 1: Cleansing

For problems relating to the intestinal tract, it is better to create a short term diarrhoea for the purpose of flushing out some improperly balanced bacteria colonies and heavy metals like mercury that do not belong in the intestinal tract. Mercury creates an imbalance in these bacteria that is in favourable to proper digestion of amino acids (protein building blocks), synthesis of vitamins and certain enzymes. Mercury in the dangerous form called methyl mercury can recycle through the intestinal tract. It is absorbed in the large intestine and reintroduced into to the upper part of the small intestine to make the trip again. After the cleansing, a new colonisation of bacteria is introduced. This should result in a much healthier environment capable of more effective absorption.

Step 2: Maintenance

Chinese herb detoxification formulas are designed for your individual patterns of signs and symptoms and act to move , tonify, clear and reduce stagnation of Qi (or energy). Herbs have a direct affect on the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins in the system. These herbs balance and strengthen the metabolic rate and regulating digestion by increasing absorption of micro-nutrients.

Once the metabolic rate is functioning properly and the assimilation of nutrients is more effective, the digestion and excretions return to normal. A new and fresh energy then becomes available and the emotions can move freely again.

As well as cleaning up and detoxifying the digestive system, the Chinese detoxification formula will provide enormous changes in the energy system.


After detoxification, it is necessary to repeat the step 1 - 3 process for chronic conditions.

During the cleansing and detoxification, you may experience some symptoms of healing, such as stomach uncomfortable and lack of energy. Take the good diet of low in fat and sugar and hight in fibre, drink plenty water and rest more will assist you go through the procedure.